Do you think you can’t entertain and be on the Autoimmune Protocol? Well, we’re here to show you that it is not only possible, but easy to do! Our chef has put together 6 great recipes that are delicious and easy to make. The best part is they are fully AIP compliant and just in time for the Superbowl. This spread was very popular at work after the photo shoot!


AIP Mushroom Pate

A great addition to your appetizer party repertoire. The best part is that it is very simple to make. Impress you friends! Get the AIP Mushroom Pate recipe here.

bacon cheddar

AIP Bacon Cheddar Scallion Dip

This amazing dish is best served warm. You may need to make a double batch, it’s really good!

Check out the AIP Bacon Cheddar Scallion Dip here.


AIP Olive Tapenade

A simple and versatile AIP recipe – keep some in the refrigerator for when you need a little something. Nex time you’re standing at the refrigerator with the door open, you’ll grab a piece of celery and dip into the tapenade. Yummmmmm.

Check out the recipe for the AIP Olive Tapenade.

AIP French Onion Dip

French onion dip is one of those classic dips thats been around forever. Now, you can have that great taste again, but all cleaned up for the Autoimmune Protocol. Check out the recipe here!

AIP Lemon Garlic Hummus

Hummus is another classic party dip. Our chef worked out this recipe and it is oh so good! Some even prefer it to traditional hummus.

Learn how to make this AIP Lemon Garlic Hummus here.

 AIP Asian Aioli

To round out our AIP Superbowl Party we are offering an Asian-inspired Aioli.  Want to impress your friends? Check out how to make this Aioli here