Sure, many inexpensive products will make the claim that they are life-altering. In a society with a seemingly endless supply of “life hacks” and inventions, we are all used to these exaggerations. Many of them promise to make your life better but end up being a waste of money. Sleep masks are not a waste of money!

Sleep Masks are a Simple Tool That Could Improve Your Sleep 

Could something as simple as a sleep mask noticeably improve your life overnight? Yes, it’s possible! Unlike medications or supplements which may just mask a problem, sleep masks help your body function like it would have in pre-industrial times. They block the light out of your eyes at night which keeps natural melatonin production up. As we continue to industrialize, blocking light has become an issue with night lights, street lights and general light pollution.  

In this video by Dr. Mercola, he discusses how a relatively cheap thing could improve your life in a big way: