Unfermented soy products contain:

Phytates which are anti-nutrients that can prevent your body from properly absorbing other nutrients you might take in from real foods such as grass-fed meats and vegetables.
Lectins that can cause leptin resistance which interferes with hunger and energy signals to your brain which ultimately causes a vicious cycle of not knowing when your body is full and when you are filling it with inappropriate fuel your body becomes inflamed and sluggish.  For more detailed information about Lectins check out Mark’s Daily Apple.
Plant estrogens, in the form of soy isoflavones, a very serious problem when it comes to the consumption of soy because they raise estrogen levels which confuses our production of hormones in the correct levels and at the right time.  Plant estrogens raise estrogen levels and lower testosterone levels.  For men this can cause a loss of libido, increase in fat accumulation around the midsection which leads to higher incidence of heart disease, and overall loss of energy because the body is having to work harder.  For women the consumption of plant estrogens in soy can cause a disruption in menstruation, fertility problems, and a higher risk of breast cancer.  For babies given formula with soy, they are consuming large amounts of estrogen producing soy that can be the equivalent of up to 4 or more birth control pills per day.
Make sure you read ingredients to be sure you’re avoiding any “hidden” soy that can be found in so many processed products on the shelf.  And if you’re living the paleo lifestyle, chances are you’ll already be exposing yourself and your family to far less soy by eating real food in the first place.
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