It’s that time of year again! Cars, roads, and even your furry friends are covered in yellow. The pollen counts are already up in the thousands in parts of the country and people are beginning to feel the effects of springtime allergies including itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, coughing, congestion and many more discomforts. But what exactly is an allergy anyway and how can we help it?

Many of us just assume seasonal allergies are something we must just suffer through miserably but does it really have to be that bad? Can living a Paleo lifestyle really make any difference? I can only offer you my own experience over the last few months leading up to this season’s onslaught of pollen release as compared to my struggles in previous years. I have removed dairy completely from my diet over the past 4 months as well as most gluten and refined sugar except for the occasional choice here and there to eat a SAD (Standard American Diet) item. During this time, through cold and flu season no less, I have felt stronger, more energized, and clear-headed than I have in a long time and neither myself, nor my immediate family members have been ill. I call that a victory and a true testament to the success of living a more Paleo lifestyle.

Why do I attribute Paleo lifestyle choices to our success? I feel that our bodies have been able to fight against disease and infection more effectively. An allergic reaction is an immune response. Research has shown that sugar feeds infection (more information to come in a blog post soon) and “gluten sensitivity causes inflammation that harms the body tissues by causing an autoimmune response where the immune system ends up attacking the body (1)“. When the body is too busy fighting off what we put into it, limits are placed on its effectiveness to fight the real foreign intruders. Now that we are at the start of high pollen counts and the changing weather, adapting a Paleo lifestyle along with essential oils, local raw honey, and local pollen can be a very effective start to ending your seasonal allergy woes.

This is just another reason why a Paleo lifestyle can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life. I believe that by making the choice to eat Paleo foods and eliminate pasteurized dairy, gluten, and refined sugar you will not only notice a difference in your daily stamina but when you need it most your immune system will be able to properly fight off disease and infection.

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