Until recently, there has been a major void in the “Paleosphere” when it came to Jewish recipes. Possibly the biggest void of all… the BAGEL!

The Introduction of the Original Paleo Bagel

This is why Simone Miller (Zenbelly) and Jennifer Robins (Predominantly Paleo) wrote The New Yiddish Kitchen. After a heart to heart chat about all of the childhood (and adulthood!) favorites they missed, they gathered the chutzpah to write this book, embodying all the traditional Jewish favorites wrapped into one tasty paleo package.

Simone Miller (pictured left) Jennifer Robins (pictured right)


From two leaders in the Paleo cooking community, The New Yiddish Kitchen pulled together over 100 traditional Jewish recipes made without grain, the most popular of which was their signature “love child,” the original Yiddish Kitchen bagel.

Though Simone was not 100% convinced it was a good idea to try to recreate such an iconic nosh, Jennifer begged to make it so. With Simone in San Francisco, and Jennifer in DC, the only way to make this happen was long distance. These two hungry yentas each locked in her own kitchen created a tsuris of flour and yeast until the perfect combination was found.

With the help of Paleo on the Go this bagel finally gets to travel at warp speed into your own kitchens, ready for a schmear and a smile. The Yiddish Kitchen’s Paleo Bagels can now be delivered nationwide to your doorstep. 

More on the originators of the Paleo Bagel

Simone Miller is a former restaurant and catering chef who specializes in gluten-free and paleo recipe development. Her favorite recipes can be found on her blog, Zenbelly. She is the bestselling author of The Zenbelly Cookbook and Paleo Soups & Stews, and lives in San Francisco, California.



Jennifer Robins the founder of Predominantly Paleo, Legit Bread Company and the bestselling author of Down South Paleo, Paleo Kids Cookbook, and Paleo Cooking with your Instant Pot. She turned to whole foods following a life altering health crisis and no help from traditional treatments. Her challenge resulted in finding creative ways to combine real ingredients to taste like old favorites. She currently lives in Arlington Virginia, until the next Air Force adventure awaits!