Chicken Pot Pies are a classic comfort food that bring up warm memories of childhood. And they are just really good! Our chef worked to recreate that classic taste that was also Autoimmune compliant. There is a lot that goes into creating these savory pies and we wanted to show you all the work that goes into them. From rendering our own fats, making a stock, chopping the vegetables etc., they couldn’t be more handmade.

The Handcrafted Art of the POTG Chicken Pot Pie

First Organic, pasture raised chickens are boiled with chopped carrots, celery, onions and herbs and spices. The chickens are cooled then deboned and the meat is cut into cubes. The liquid is strained and used as the stock for the pot pie

Pasture raised, hormone free pork skin is cut into chunks and rendered to produce the lard we use in making the dough for the pot pies. Once the lard is strained we call it liquid gold because it is such a pretty color, before it is cooled at least!

The rendered fat is measured and added to a food processor along with Cassava Flour and other ingredients. After it is processed the dough is wrapped and refrigerated overnight.

Carrots, onions and celery are diced, then added to the strained stock and cooked. This is the second addition of vegetables to the broth. Remember when the chickens are cooked, mirapoix is added to flavor the chicken and then strained from the broth.

The dough is cut and weighed then pressed flat in a tortilla press. Each dough disc is taken, hand pressed into the tin, then filled. 

The shells are filled by weight with chicken, then the stock and vegetable mixture is ladled in

The top dough is put in place, the edges crimped and the top marked with an “X” for chicken. Then the finished pie’s are par baked and placed in a freezer.

After freezing the pot pie is taken to packaging where it is placed in a plastic bag, vacuum sealed, a label is put in place and the pot pie is complete. The freshly packaged Chicken Pot Pies are put in inventory and placed back into the freezer awaiting your order.

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