Yesterday I spent the day driving up from Tampa to Atlanta to visit the one and only Sarah Ballantyne so that today we can celebrate the launch of her new book The Paleo Approach Cookbook.

Nearly three years ago, I had transitioned my family to a Paleo Diet, with tons of success. The kids were feeling better, buying in and we all had so much more energy (our story here). Unfortunately, for all the support we were getting as our lives were changing in front of the eyes of our families and friends, not all the feedback we received was good.

I was angry, hurt and needed someone with more experience to bounce my woes off of. I sent out a series of emails to paleo “pros” asking for support, documents and just some words of empathy.

The first response I received was from Sarah, known to me then only woman readingas The Paleo Mom. One of the things that has always been a central theme for me around the paleo lifestyle has been the community, and that simple sympathetic response and support is the perfect representation of Sarah Ballantyne; real, honest & helpful.

If you’ve ever visited Sarah’s website, you know that her recipes are simple & straightforward, yet delicious, and a part of her goes into perfecting each one. On top of that, her blog is chock full of amazing information in digestible portions. Her books are no different. What you see is what you get.

You can read my review of her first book here, but today we are talking about the new book which goes live TODAY! (and can be purchased through amazon here).

The Paleo Approach

While The Paleo Approach was masterfully put together with an incredible amount of information, made easily understandable by Sarah’s own diagrams and illustrations, the companion cookbook is equally the treasure trove of gourmet recipes.

child surprised reading book

The Paleo Approach (or Auto Immune Protocol – AIP) is sometimes daunting, and requires understanding the nuances of further elimination of foods or spices that we sometimes take for granted. What I loved most about this cookbook was that each recipe offered information of food sensitivities like FODMAPs, and variations for including or eliminating questionable ingredients dependent on the reader’s personal needs. That means that whether you are Paleo, Primal, AIP, SCD or any other variation of an ancestral health diet – this cookbook has something for you. Every page is flooded with gorgeous photos, easy to follow instructions, simple ingredients and delectable foods.

Before I left to drive up here, I started Sarah’s garlic roast pork at home, knowing it would be ready for my husband to serve at dinner time. I called home to wish the kids goodnight and asked how dinner was. My 9 year old daughter exclaimed “ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, Mom!” with such enthusiasm I had to giggle.

When a cookbook appeals to 3 children who themselves have become quite the little paleo foodies, you know it must be good!

Today, I am delighted and honored to be here as the book makes it’s official appearance in the hands of the public and as pre-orders are shipped to their new homes. I know, those who purchase this cookbook will have many sticky notes, folded corners and penciled margins, and new favorite recipes; just like we do in our copy.

paleo approach cookbook