The Farm to Table Movement

The term “farm to table” simply means that the food you consume goes directly from the farm, to your table. You buy directly from the farmer or local farmer’s market, versus buying something that has been processed and stored for long periods of time. Sadly, most of the food produced here in the US is no longer grown or raised on sustainable farms. As agriculture began to industrialize in the late 1900’s, we became more dependent upon chemicals and large machinery. Farms became larger, centralized, and more factory based. This results in a few small corporations having all of the power and money, and small farmers being put out of business. There are many repercussions to this paradigm, on the health of ourselves and the environment.

Most “farm to table” farmer’s pasture raise their animals, and follow sustainable farming practices, using farming techniques to protect our health, and the health of the environment. What does this mean? We’ve compiled our top 5 reasons why we feel you should consume your food from farm to table.

Voting with your dollars: stop supporting factory farming.

The truth is that every time you buy food from the grocery store, you are putting money in the pocket of big, greedy corporations, rather than supporting sustainability. Visit your local farmer’s market or better yet, any small local farms. The more you support farms, the more you vote for change with your dollars.  

Healthy animals = healthy person: We are what we eat eats!

Factory farmed animals (the kind of meat you typically buy at the grocery store) are stressed and sick animals. They aren’t out on the field eating their natural diet. The pictures on the packages (of cows grazing) can be deceiving. These animals are typically confined to large feedlot buildings known as CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations). They are usually given antibiotics, and fed a mixture of GMO soy and grains, rather than their natural diet. Sustainable farming practices allow for the animals to be treated humanely with care and respect. The animals are raised out on the pasture, and are able to follow their instinctual behaviors as well as consume their natural diet. Sustainably raised animals are not stressed and sick, and therefore provide healthy meat for your body. Antibiotic resistant diseases is just one of the consequences of CAFO operations.

Support small farms and establish community:

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) seeks to create a direct relationship between farmers and those who eat their food, farm members or shareholders. Being a part of a community is an important pillar to health. Getting to know your local farmers and farmer’s markets, helps to establish a sense of local support and community. It draws people together and gives small farmers more strength against bureaucracy. People who envision sustainablity envision farmers networks, community gardens, ADVOCACY ORGANIZATIONS, farmer’s markets, school advocacy, and activism. This draws people together as a community, and is the only way we can make big chagnes.  

Better for the environment:  

Sustainable farming practices use less non-renewable resources, make less impact on the environment, and grow a healthy and profitable end product. Sustainable methods include important practices like biodiversity, water conservation, and environmental protection. Sustainable practices protect our soils from bad bacteria, and help keep a symbiotic balance of nutrients and bacteria in the soils. This also protects our water, and our air.


Teach our Children, save the next generation:

Now is the time to instill our wisdom about sustainable farming on to our children. By being consciously aware of where our food comes from, we are indirectly teaching our children to do the same. If we take our children to farmer’s markets and involve them in projects like community gardening, we are giving them the tools to make changes for future generations, and the future health of our planet as a whole. We cannot continue on and survive with the current CAFO factory farming paradigm. We are killing off species of bees with the chemicals and fertilizers. These bees that we are killing off, are imperative to life. We need to start making these important changes now.

We at POTG believe in and support sustainable farming. We recently attended the FOOD FREEDOM FESTIVAL, and learned all about sustainable farming practices and how we can be more involved. Paleo on the Go is a proudly supports of the FARM TO CONSUMER LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. PALEO ON THE GO sources pasture raised animals, as well as organic produce, and we do the cooking for you! This ensures you are still getting quality, sustainable food-without the hassle of cooking. We are cooking a complete FARM TO TABLE THANKSGIVING DINNER, complete with pasture raised turkey’s from our friends at FIELDS OF ATHENRY FARMS.