I’ve been following the Paleo lifestyle the past 6 years and I’ve never felt better. I thought I would sit down and really think what “better” meant. I came up with this list of the top 5 ways Paleo has helped me. Have you experienced similar changes? What sort of improvements have you noticed?


1. No 3pm Slump

Fueling my body regularly with quality, nutrient dense foods balanced out my energy. I no longer craved caffeine or sugar at 3pm or became HUNGRY. I never knew my horrible mood swings could be triggered by skipping meals.

2. No More Dark Eye Circles

Once I removed gluten from my diet, my dark eye circles disappeared. I didn’t realize it until I ate something with gluten in it and the next day my eyes were a bit puffy and dark like they used to be.

3. Better Sleep

I no longer struggle with insomnia. I also fall asleep faster and wake up feeling better.

4. Fewer Skin Issues

The little red bumps on the backs of my arms became less noticeable. I also had fewer breakouts, my face is less puffy, and my hair is actually thicker.

5. I’m More Fun!

Now that I’m properly fueled, getting good sleep, and moving my body, my mental state has improved dramatically. My bouts of depression and anxiety have decreased, I have more energy, I feel generally upbeat and ready to tackle anything.

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