Month after month, Paleo on the Go’s Paleo Pancakes rank in the Top 3 of our best sellers and it’s no wonder!  They’re a delicious and convenient breakfast treat made from real food.   Simple ingredients combine to make the taste our customers love!  

We’ve released our recipe for plantain cakes in the past, but now our chef wants to give everyone who loves our paleo pancakes a bit more.  She’s spent time in the kitchen coming up with the top five ways to serve-up our delicious paleo pancakes!

plaintain pancakes

Bananas Foster

There’s nothing better than combining cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and bananas to delicious plantain cakes.  This is a recipe you have to try!  

plaintain pancake bananas foster



Make paleo Nutella and spread a layer between two stacked plantain cakes!  nutella plaintain pancakes

Blintzes with Blueberry Compote

Use our delicious sweetened paleo cashew cheese recipe to make pancake blintzes. Then simmer seasonal blueberries with our blueberry compote recipe for a sweetened, fruit flavored masterpiece.

plantain blueberry pancakes

Breakfast Sandwich

Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs?  Add fried egg and Pederson’s Sugar-Free Bacon to our pancakes for a mouth-watering morning sandwich stack.

plaintain breakfast pancake sandwich

Apple Cinnamon Compote

Let apples and cinnamon simmer stove top for a smell that will fill your house! This DIY is a must try!

apple compote plantain pancakes

Try them all!  They all provide a delicious variety of real paleo-approved food that caters to your sweet tooth.  Order the plantain cakes today and let us know your favorites on our social media!