Training like a Champ when on the Road

Just as with food (check out the last post in this series) training on vacation or on the road doesn’t have to be a grade-A bummer. Instead, it should be something that enriches your travel and it is a great opportunity to move with the people you love, or to get as far away from your coworkers as possible – depending on the genre of your trip…For me personally, movement when traveling is my life-line to sanity. We’ve all heard of “hangry,” well I get “traingry!” This lady has got to move or intense grumpiness inevitably ensues. Don’t fear: below I’ve mapped out three of the main training while traveling contexts and how you can get your workout on like a champ! 

Travel Workout

 1. Crossfit Box!

Traveling has totally shifted for me since I started crossfitting. Gone are the days of sad hotel gym workouts lumbering along on a treadmill in a room that greatly resembles a large broom closet (don’t worry – ideas on how to make this scenario less awful below) and onto the days of meeting fun people while lifting heavy things. Going to a new box can always be a little scary, but don’t worry, you all have one thing in common – Fran, Olympic lifts, the Open – AKA: crossfit! You may have to make the first move, but crack a joke, ask how long they’ve been at this box, or ask for a good place to grab a Paleo bite to eat – chances are you’ve just made a new crossfitty friend. 

One thing to keep in mind when traveling to another box is that they will do some things similarly and some things differently than your box does. Be adaptable, leave your ego at the door, but hold onto your knowledge about your own body. Also, I wouldn’t recommend dropping into a box in a new city if you’ve never crossfitted before. If they have an intro class for all skill levels – go for it and give I a shot, but if not I would wait to do a foundations series at a box in your area instead. 


 2. Park, Sidewalk, the Open Air!

What better opportunity than a trip to head outside and get some serious vitamin D?! This setting is great for a little bit of running, some body work exercises, and just maybe a little bit of intrigue depending on your surroundings. There’s a great park in Denver that has a little enclave of awesome with a wall, some benches, a stretch of grass, and a hill. AKA: circuit heaven. When you get to a spot, take a gander at your surroundings and get creative. Wall = climb over that thing! Benches = step ups, jump ups, push-ups (hands or feet on the bench.) Stretch of grass = squats, sit-ups, lunges, handstands, burpees, limitless possibilities…Hill = welcome to hill sprints. 
Finally, don’t forget this lovely thing called, “going for a walk.” Sometimes taking a step back from intensity, grabbing onto your cute counterpart’s hand, and taking a walk is the best thing you can do for yourself. 
Sample workout: 5 rounds for time. 1 side walk sprint, 20 squats, 15 burpees. (Or cut down the rounds or reps – 4/3 rounds for time or 15/10 & 10/5 or take away the pushup in the burpee and just jump to a push-up plank.) 
Training on the road

3. Hotel Gym

Where fun (and air flow) goes to die. Seriously. But seriously, this doesn’t have to be the worst place ever. Almost all hotel gyms have a treadmill and some floor space. If you’re lucky they may even have an erg (rower) and some nice dumbbells. Let’s go with the unlucky scenario….Since joining crossfit one of my worst nightmares is to run on a treadmill, at the same pace, without stopping for more than 10 minutes. But when a treadmill is all you’ve got you can interval training like whoa that treadmill. One of my favorite constructs is to do an EMOM, or every minute on the minute, on a treadmill. That way you get some intensity in there and only have to run on a treadmill for about 30 sec at a time. I’m calling that a win-win. One other clutch thing to have in a hotel gym is a jump rope. In fact I never travel anywhere without mine. They are light and take up zero space. Throw that thing in your bag! 
Sample Workout: 18 min EMOM. Odd minutes: 30 sec sprint. Even minutes: 7 burpees. There should be rest for this workout – so if 7 burpees takes you a full minute – reduce those puppies! A good way to test is how many burpees you can do in :30 and use that as your base. OR if said hotel gym has DBs or KBs, switch out the burpees for 3-5 strint presss or 7 KB swings (you can use the same guidelines as you did with the burpees to determine how many swings to do each round.) 
Want more info about these movements??? Check out my earlier post, “Find a Place to Fail,” for more detailed instructions. 
Note: You know you’re body better than I. These workouts are just a place to start in the process of structuring your own workout not a direct prescription for everyone If you are just starting to move more in your life, dial these workouts back in reps and intensity. And pain does not always equal gain. Respect yourself and where you are on your own personal journey. 
 Maddie Berky is a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is a CrossFit L1 certified coach at CrossFit Verve in Denver, CO. You can find her at her blog,, on instagram at @paleogirlinthecity or facebook at