Changing lifestyles and food options in recent history

Meals are just not what they used to be: maybe we’re more active, busier (planned or unexpectedly), or the daily grind just gets in the way. We just don’t always have the luxury of time to prepare our meals or sit around a table and eat them together anymore.

Our DNA Craves The Same Real Food We’ve Always Needed

Fresh tomato, onion, jalapeno and cilantro sit on a paleo tortilla and is topped with fried eggs. Our huevos rancheros are the best way to start your day.

Food is not what it used to be either. Just take a look around your local supermarket, where substituting real ingredients with unnatural concoctions that can build up in your system, cause allergies, can taste bad and make you reliant (or addicted) to their products.

What hasn’t changed? Your body’s need for real, unprocessed food in order to thrive. With all the changes in our food system and society,  we sometimes forget we are stuck with our pre-historic DNA. 

A meal delivery service is the perfect way to ensure that you always have uninterrupted access to real, unprocessed, Paleo food no matter what life throws at you. 


AIP Paleo meal delivery Goes a Long Way

AIP Beef pot pie is one of our favorite paleo comfort foods.

Paleo on the Go meals, chef prepared, premade paleo meals, cooked and delivered to your door, are perhaps the most convenient way to eliminate processed food from your diet in your busier life. These are real whole food meals cooked to perfection by experienced chefs passionate about good food. Here’s a just a few reasons to use a Paleo meal delivery service: 

Reasons to Use A Paleo Meal Delivery Service

  1. Breakfast 
  2. Comfort food cravings 
  3. Emergencies are better dealt with by eating real food rather than fast foods.
  4. To get meals you just don’t want to take the time to cook
  5. Those busy days when you just can’t catch your breath and the last thing you want to do is cook
  6. Your new girlfriend is coming to dinner and you want to cook for her to impress her
  7. A friend in hospital who needs and deserves the best (who eats hospital food anyway?)
  8. Your in-laws are coming to dinner and you can’t cook or don’t want to test a new recipe they may hate
  9. Chef prepared meals that mean you can have the best without wasting ingredients you may not use again
  10. Travel and still stay true to your healthy ideals
  11. Big work commitments or projects you know will have you running late home
  12. Lunches at work, either to stop you from getting a quick take out in a rush, or to make sure your work seminar is well catered for.
  13. Entertaining the easy and healthy way 
  14. Gym night to reward your body for the hard work it’s put in
  15. Even date night, because good food is surely hearty in more ways than one
  16. Weight loss from eating well for your body, done for you
  17. Improved energy from eating food your body thrives on, easily
  18. Less time cooking, more time for living
  19. A weekly assurance you’re gonna start off on the right track eating for your health or keeping a few extra POTG meals in your freezer as a powerful strategy for sticking with your dietary priorities when life tries to get in the way
  20. A sneaky one off to reward yourself for all your cooking and prepping the very way your Paleo meal will also deliver
  21. When you consider ingredients and awareness of your health and good digestion and health follows.

Paleo pulled pork

There are loads of reasons to use a Paleo Meal Delivery Service. Perhaps the biggest reason is simply nourish, thrive, repeat. If you eat more of the good stuff, there’s no room left for the bad stuff!