We met some nice people with Choffy (choffy.com) a few months ago at Paleo f(x) and  finally got a chance to get together and try some of their products. You might be wondering what Choffy is…or some of you might have a good guess.  Chocolate + Coffee = Choffy?…..well kind of.  Its not chocolate flavored coffee but rather a chocolate drink made from premium roasted and ground cacao (cocoa). I was happy to see that it was free of sugar, dairy, gluten, and any chemicals.  
Choffy sent us three different varieties (La Espanola, Ivory Coast, and IC Dark) and surprisingly each kind had a very distinct taste; not from added flavors but simply from where the beans were grown. 
I really enjoyed all three of them and like to change it up every morning.  I even added in some coconut milk, which tasted great.  I brewed the ground cacao beans just like I do regular coffee in my French Press.  Today I had some Dark Choffy with a Paleo on the Go Blueberry Muffin (grain free and only sweetened with a little maple syrup).  It was a breakfast experience reminiscent of days prior to Paleo but without the ill health effects. 
Choffy is a great solution for me since I don’t respond well to regular coffee but can’t seem to kick the habit.  It gives me a great hot drink in the morning with a little natural caffeine.  The other surprising perk was that it curbed my craving for sugary and chocolate filled snacks that are certainly not in my best interest.  I am excited about this product and hope you try it out for yourself! Check them out at www.choffy.com.
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