The Myth of the Gluten Free Trend

Lately marketers have really jumped on the “gluten-free” bandwagon and as consumers we are becoming very well-aware of the “gluten-free” craze. We are seeing gluten-free products advertised and the gluten-free section in our supermarkets is growing. A lot of consumers are beginning to purchase these products believing they are the healthier alternative to the typical processed foods that are taking up over 90% of our supermarkets today. But if companies are manufacturing gluten-free foods, what is it exactly that they are manufacturing?

The Paleo lifestyle and diet in particular is about eating real, whole, un-processed foods that are nutrient-dense and fostering health and rejuvenation from within the very cells that make up our body and are responsible for our body’s functions. Gluten-free foods still remain very processed and contain many chemicals, preservatives, and sugars that can make it very difficult for the body to digest properly. The high carbohydrate content in many of the gluten-free pastas, breads, cookies, and other snacks available can still spike blood sugar and cause the body to function less-effectively. This can be especially dangerous for those with diabetes or other auto-immune diseases.

For some healthy, quick snack alternatives it is all about preparation! Try to prepare fresh vegetables in advance so when hunger strikes you aren’t left reaching for the only convenient food that is available from the shelf. Simply cutting up cucumbers, bell peppers, having lettuce ready for a quick salad with a tasty apple cider vinegar, lemon, pepper, and olive oil dressing, or having some boiled eggs on hand can make all the difference in a healthy real food choice or a SAD, nutrient-lacking choice that will only leave you more sluggish and emotional than you were before. You can also create your own grain-free granola using seeds and nuts or you can purchase some easy “to-go” snacks from Paleo on the Go like the Nograinola Unsweetened Coconut snacks or spicy “on the go” chips which are two of my personal favorites. Your body will thank you for the healthier choice every time and you will feel good about making the best choice to fuel your body for all of the demands that are placed on it every day.

By nature, our foods at Paleo on the Go are gluten free and minimally processed. Check out our full menu by clicking here.