Are You Magnesium Deficient?

It’s believed that at least 80% of the modern world suffers from magnesium deficiency. This is due to many reasons, including the widespread depletion of minerals in our soil. Nearly any health issue you may have, even something minor, is likely connected to low levels of this mineral. It’s essential to biological processes.

Interestingly enough, the standard way of testing for magnesium levels (serum levels) is not at all accurate. A “normal” result can be shown even if you are highly lacking.

Dr. Josh Axe is a wellness physician, popular radio show host, and sought-after national speaker committed to setting people free from their health problems so they can live their life to their fullest potential. He’s on a mission to change health around the world and lead the new health revolution. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Below is a great video on magnesium deficiency. Find out if you’re likely deficient in this essential mineral: