4 Fall Veggies You Should Be Eating

When we think of fall and produce, we typically think of apples, pears and squashes but there are so many additional options that are powerhouses in their own right. Below are four nutrient-dense veggies to add to your paleo diet this Fall. Nutrient Dense...
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Decadent chocolate, mint an coffee flavors are the essence of our mint mocha brownie recipe.

Mint Mocha Brownies

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Paleo Brownie? Brownies are the ultimate Paleo comfort food. They’re great for any celebration. Our chef came up with another great Paleo version of a...
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Simple and delicious, paleo turkey wraps are a great way to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.

3 Things to Do with Your Turkey Leftovers

The problem with Thanksgiving? What to do with all the leftovers! In the days following Thanksgiving most people usually have lots of leftovers. Americans make turkey sandwiches, another...
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Another great way to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers, our turkey gumbo is packed full of real food nutrition and is easy to make.

Turkey Gumbo

Make a Creole inspired Turkey Gumbo dish using your leftover turkey   The base of this gumbo is our chicken bone broth. So right off the bat it has a rich full bodied flavor. Using...
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One of our favorite ways to use up our turkey leftovers is to make turkey mole enchiladas, using our famous POTG tortillas.

Turkey Mole Enchiladas

Go South of the Border with Turkey Mole What the heck is Mole? Some people may wonder about a sauce for meat that has chocolate in it. Mole has been around a very long time. It is a traditional...
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Restricted hip mobility is a common problem for many of us. Michelle demonstrates a method for testing hip mobility, and provides an exercise to improve it.

Use a Shoe to Test Your Strength and Mobility

How To Measure Hip Mobility with A Shoe If you’re trying to get an accurate measure of how flexible you are look no further than your favorite sneakers. It’s as simple as taking...
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There are several movements that will help you prepare to squat with perfect form.

5 Movements for Getting the Most Out Of Your Squat

You know the importance of squatting and so do we! We love the squat! However, are you making the most of it each time you do a squat?  Own Your Squat For most of us, we go through the motions...
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Increase Your Strength Simply By Carrying the Weight

Most people assume that it’s important to do some type of range of motion in order to increase strength. Whether it be pulling a lat bar down or pushing a bench press up. However, what most...
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Paleo on the Go primal movement image

The One Thing You Need to Know Before You Press

How to Press The over head press is a great exercise that requires the entire body. It’s tough but can be done in confidence with the right guidance. To avoid shoulder pain, the proper form is...
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Happy and sad eggs represent the difficulty in preparing a paleo breakfast.

5 Quick Tips for a Fast Paleo Breakfast on the Go

To start, an article advising quick tips for breakfast should be a quick read right? So I’ll keep it simple and get to the facts. Get a Jump Start On the Day with A Paleo Breakfast...
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Jamie Horrigan Autoimmune disease hiking mountains

Dealing with Crohn’s: A College Student’s Story

If you have ever been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, you know the struggle of trying to get through the day when your body is attacking itself.  You perfect the act of hiding your...
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Traveling with little ones can be quite challenging. With a bit of preparation, you can overcome travel issues with minimal effort.

The traveling mom’s guide to a whole food baby

  As Aussies living in the USA, we tend to travel a lot. The USA just has so many awesome places to see. We have a 17 month old who eats what we eat. (Well, actually we eat what he eats to make...
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Natural living has had a resurgence over the last few years. In this blog post, we offer you 3 ways to encourage your children to live as nature intended

Three Ways To Encourage Our Kids to Grow Up Naturally

Natural means derived from nature not made from humans. As adults, even our most natural, biological instincts; food and movement, have become unnaturally, guilt and punishment, respectively....
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