CEO and Founder Dave Rohde with his family on Fathers Day 214

CEO and Founder Dave Rohde with his family on Fathers Day 214

Paleo on the Go Father’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe you waited until the last minute again to get a gift for Father’s Day? Well, I can because it happens to the best of us. We love our Father (or someone who is a Father) so much and just because there’s no time to wait for something to ship doesn’t mean you can’t get him a thoughtful gift that he will love.

Here are a few gift ideas that you can get even on Saturday night! (I know that, that’s real dedication to procrastinating!)

  1. Black Sails Yacht Club subscription from Caveman Coffee.

This gift is so awesome. If he loves coffee, then this is absolutely perfect for him. Every month he will receive single origin coffee delivered to his door. Not to mention, they send out different gifts to so you can sample new products. 


  1. Gift Certificate Paleo On The Go 

We know he will love the ability to get food of HIS choice sent right to his door step. Don’t worry about him returning your gift, because we have a big menu of healthy, chef-created meals that he will only have to heat before eating. Did we mention we carry incredibly high quality bacon?


  1. Paleo Magazine subscription

Theres a decent chance he’s Paleo. Anyone who is a part of this exciting lifestyle would enjoy to read material for and by other paleo people. There are great recipes and information on the latest research regarding the lifestyle. 



No matter what, Father’s Day is about honoring our dads for all they’ve been to us and the most important gift you can give is that of your time and your presence. If you can’t be with your dad in person, give him a call, not a text, and spend some time telling him how much he means to you or just listen to one of his favorite stories to tell. Either way, we hope you have a great Father’s Day. Be sure to let us know in the comments the best gift you’ve ever given or received for Father’s Day!

**The products suggested in this post are suggested based on our own opinions and have not been influenced in any way by the companies who provide these products.**