Having a baby changes a woman in a number of different ways.  Since the birth of my son, I’ve noticed my feet got bigger, my memory is pretty shot and my taste buds don’t seem to remember that I love broccoli.  Dealing with that is enough, but to top it off my body chemistry also changed. I noticed that my once oily face gets dry patches and the deodorant that I used to wear doesn’t shield body odor like it used to.  

When the opportunity came to test out some new organic beauty products I was willing. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting any of these products to be my solution. When I was pregnant with my son I was dedicated to using Yesto™ products which seemed to get the job done while pregnant, but after his birth that changed. I experienced bad breakouts despite using organic daily facial scrub, pore scrub, exfoliating cleanser, acne control gel cleanser, etc.  You name it I used it.  I’d tried so many products the bathroom cabinet started to look like a pharmacy store.   

  1. Bare Face Wash

I finally found a solution when I began testing Primal Life Organics® STARTER PACKAGE FOR FACE AND BODY(affiliate link, discounted price).  The first time I used the FACE WASH I felt like my face was the cleanest it had ever been.  It was extremely refreshing.  I enjoyed the way my face felt so much I asked my fiancé to try it out.  In a manly way, he told me he approved.  I decided to snap a quick picture to see how my face would change if I used the product for 30 days straight.  I noticed my face seemed to be brighter and no more breakouts! 


  1. C-ex Vitamin C Serum

I found face wash that I could use and love but it didn’t help with my new combination oily and dry skin.  I still felt like my face was drying out right around my mouth area.  I begin using the Primal Life Organics C-EX FACE SERUM after washing my face.  Just a drip of serum on both cheeks and one on my forehead and my face was completely smooth and felt amazing.  After 30 days, I’ve noticed the dry patches aren’t as dry as they used to be. I even forgot to use the serum a couple of times because my little one interrupted me and I wasn’t aware my face needed it.  Something that definitely could not have happened just a month ago.  My face would feel so tight, it felt like it was going to break.  

  1. Stick Up 100% Natural Deodorant

Talk about being weary of things, I’m super sensitive to smell (another awesome effect of having a baby) and do not appreciate odor.  Even if it’s coming from my own body it irritates me.  It took me almost a week to try Primal Life Organics® NATURAL DEODORANT and leave my beloved Dove behind.  I was scared to risk being the smelly one at work. Finally, I gave it a shot over the weekend when I could escape to the shower if I began to stink.  I applied the deodorant, cleaned the house and went for a run.  No foul smell. So, I took a shower and applied it again and headed out.  The deodorant held up all day. Shaving would be the moment of truth.  I usually shave at night to avoid the burn of deodorant on my sensitive pits.  I shaved put it on and nothing!  No burn, no irritation.  

I would say PRIMAL LIFE ORGANICS® has been my saving grace when it comes to beauty products. I’ve always believed in choosing the products with the least amount of chemicals but was never confident in them working….especially all day. Since testing these three products, I’ve also tried the toothpaste and hand cream.  No complaints there either. I highly recommend trying their products. They’re much more than just an organic claim.  They’re REAL ingredient products. If you’re interested, there’s a special offer available!  

Head over to the website and use the coupon code “PLO on the Go” to save 20% off!

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