Here at Paleo On The Go, we are committed to sourcing the best ingredients available. To us, it’s our most important job. That’s exactly why we chose to offer Pederson’s Natural Farm’s No-Sugar Bacon in both our dishes and by itself; it meets and exceeds our requirements.
POTG customers come to us not only for convenience, but because they can trust the quality of our food. It can be time and energy consuming to vet all the food that you and your family buy.


If you haven’t already tried this bacon, you’re really missing out. It’s seriously freaking awesome.

Here are the top 3 reasons to try Pederson’s Bacon:  

  1. There is no added sugar. It’s actually pretty darn hard to find bacon that you eat even on a sugar-detox. 
  2. IT’S FREAKING DELICIOUS! It’s smokey, salty and everything you look for in bacon. Plus it’s not too thick, and not too thin. I hate when the bacon is cut too thinly! It’s just perfect. 
  3. Pederson’s Natural Farms cares about their animals and how they are raised. From their website, “We work only with farms that allow pigs to act naturally and instinctually. They are housed in deeply bedded open pens. Their living quarters are temperature controlled with outdoor access.We insist our pigs grow at a natural rate. With no growth promotants, hormones, steroids or antibiotics, our pigs grow slower than those at industrial “farms.” We’re quite alright with that because we’re doing our part to control super bugs, and it produces the best tasting pork we’ve ever eaten.Our farmers have been a part of their local communities for generations. They shop, bank, and cultivate relationships with local businesses. By buying our pork, you are creating and supporting sustainable rural communities. 
Wanna try something new with bacon? This recipe for Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts is unique, but still lets the bacon shine. It looks and tastes super fancy and it’s really easy to make! Click here for the recipe.


If you don’t feel like cooking (trust us, we understand!) but still want to taste the magic of Pederson’s bacon, why not try our Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf? It’s made with grass-fed beef and there’s shortage with the bacon. Just heat it up and it’s ready! Click here to check it out!