We’re hearing a lot about bone broth lately. It’s one of our top selling items and with great reason! The health benefits of bone broth are being touted among the top health gurus and bone broth is a staple of the Auto Immune Protocol, Perfect Health Diet and Wahls’ Protocol.  But why? What does it DO?

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bone broth

What is “Bone Broth”?

The base is created by taking the leftover bones (and other pieces) of a grass fed, pastured or wild animal, adding water, and simmering over low heat for a period of a few hours, to a few days. During cooking, nutrients are released from the bones, and other parts directly into the liquid. The resulting brew is a chock full of powerful protein, vitamins and minerals that are in an easily absorbable form, so they can go straight to work in the body. Below are just some of the many areas bone broth succeeds as a super food and answers to some of the commonly asked questions about it. 


What is bone broth used for?

1. Provides Collagen/Gelatin

These two words are basically synonymous. We call it collagen inside the human body and gelatin outside (in food). Broth is packed with gelatin, our bodies are packed with collagen. In fact, collagen is the most abundant protein found in humans. It is a primary component of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, the gut, the spinal discs and even the cornea. Over time, with aging, wear and tear on the body and poor nutrition, collagen breaks down. The direct result shows externally in the form of aging and loose skin, wrinkles and cellulite; and internally in the form of joints that don’t feel as smooth as they used to, pain and stiffness when waking or after minor exercise and a variety of digestive issues.

2. Improves Skin/Slows Aging

Broth contains all the nutrients necessary for healthy skin and it also supports a healthy digestive system. Many of you are aware of the close link between the “gut” and your skin. After a relatively short time you will find that your skin looks and feels healthier. Broth can also be effective at managing cellulite.

3. Decreases Joint Pain

Broth is loaded with all the ingredients necessary to build and maintain healthy connective tissue and it is in a highly absorbable form (liquid). This means that you can utilize the nutrients more efficiently. It is also highly anti-inflammatory. Try drinking a cup of quality broth a day for 2 weeks. You will most likely experience a noticeable change. Broth can be especially effective following a surgery as it will accelerate the healing process.

4. Aids in Digestion

As we age the lining of our small intestine can start breaking down and it can become permeable (also knows as “leaky gut”). This occurs due to stress, poor food choices or excessive alcohol consumption, to name a few. The small intestine is particularly important as this is where most nutrient absorption happens. A damaged small intestine will lead to impaired nutrient absorption and it may also lead to a form of autointoxication—a process where endotoxins (toxins formed in your digestive tract) pass into your blood stream through the “holes” in your small intestine. This has been linked to skin issues and a variety of common health problems. In short, broth will help heal the lining of your small intestine so you can absorb all your nutrients and not poison yourself with your own toxins. It also provides for an easily absorbable nutrient source that will give your digestive system some time to rest and heal.

5. Detoxifies

Broth can enhance your bodies natural detoxifications processes. Broth contains an amino acid called Glycine. Glycine is particularly important for ensuring that your liver can process and remove toxins from your body. Glycine is not found in many foods and so many people find themselves deficient in this important amino acid and consequently their body cannot deal with toxins as effectively as it should. Make sure you are getting glycine from either broth or a quality gelatin supplement.

Where To Get Bone Broth:

1. You can make your own broth with leftover beef bones or a poultry carcass, etc. Source your bones from local farms. 

2. You can order our bone broth here. Check out this review:

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3. You can take Gelatin, like this one from Great Lakes,  the green canister dissolves in water or juice.