Real Food is hard to find

chili“Real Food” means something that hasn’t been messed with too much. Meaning, it’s not highly processed and can be recognized by the body as food. It’s something your great grandmother could identify that is nourishing and nutrient dense, and something that doesn’t harm the body.

Our food system has changed dramatically in the past 50 years. Our focus shifted to producing large of amounts of food that can sit on the shelf. Food gets shipped from far away places. While this allows us access to an abundance of “food” at all times, the majority of that food is highly processed, full of sugar and preservatives, and primarily made from corn, soy, and wheat. Take a glance at the local 7-11. You’ll be hard pressed to find any real food (something without corn, soy, wheat, sugar, preservatives, vegetables oil) in there besides the sad bananas at the register.

If you are dealing with food sensitivities, weight management, or a concerned mom, navigating the grocery store can feel completely overwhelming. You’ve stood in the aisle at the grocery store, poring over the ingredient list, trying to determine if that item is good for you or if it contains an item that triggers a reaction in you. Most likely, that box contains ingredients you’d rather not eat and probably some things you don’t even recognize. It’s not real food.
This is where POTG steps in. It’s all real food, made from scratch, with the highest quality products we can source. We make our food to specific standards, just like if you were making it yourself at home. We use the quality proteins, unrefined carbohydrates, and good fats that you would use if you had the time. With POTG, you don’t have to spend the time in the kitchen. You don’t have to spend the energy tracking down the quality ingredients. You don’t have to research recipes, plan you meal, write your grocery list, and then grocery shop. You can continue your busy lifestyle AND keep your health as a priority.

From our grass fed beef, to kale, right down to the sea salt we use, all the ingredients add nutrients to your meals. There is No Filler. Nothing added to bulk things up or make things stretch. Every bite is nutrient dense. The minerals in the sea salt, the essential fatty acids in the grass fed beef, the vitamins in the kale; it’s all adding to your health, with nothing dragging you down. Did you know that herbs and spices are also filled with micronutrients? The bright green chimichurri sauce I make uses fresh parsley and cilantro, garlic, fresh lime juice, and sea salt and olive oil. It not only tastes fresh and vibrant, but it’s also packing a nutritional punch.

My goal as a chef and nutrition consultant is to provide great tasting food using the best, most nutritious products we can find. For you, this means a great tasting meal that you know is made with the highest quality, real- food ingredients. You don’t have to worry about hidden soy, gluten, dairy, or rancid vegetable oils. You don’t have to stress about what to make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Having Paleo On the Go in my freezer is a huge relief on those days I can’t get to the grocery store and I don’t want to eat out where I know there will be questionable ingredients.

Real food is my passion! There is nothing more delicious to me than a grass fed ribeye on the grill drizzled with some chimichurri sauce and a side of roasted sweet potatoes. Not only does it taste delicious, I know it’s nourishing, leaving me satisfied and happy.

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