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Dr. OZ showed the incredible health benefits of the Paleo diet.

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Largo, FL, April 22, 2013: The Paleo Diet or Hunter/Gatherer Diet is proving to be the healthiest choice for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. On his show that aired Monday April 22nd, 2013, Dr. Oz introduced a woman who lost 30 pounds without the caloric restrictions of a starvation diet. The woman also commented that her energy level had significantly increased.
Next, Dr. OZ introduced a woman whose symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis were no longer present and she accomplished this by eating foods on the paleo diet and without any drugs.
Dr. Loren Cordain pointed out on the Dr. Oz show that a leaky gut may be the underlying cause of autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis. Other autoimmune diseases and digestive issues include: Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial cystitis. The paleo diet has shown amazing results in lessening symptoms and improving these types of conditions.
The Paleo diet is recommended for today’s generation as a paradigm shift from sickness and multiple food allergies and sensitivities to improved health, immunity, and concentration. The typical adult has so many things to do throughout the course of day that shopping and cooking a healthy, well-balanced meal just isn’t practical. The latest scientific research has shed light on what foods can lead to excellent health, and seeing as though people still prefer or only have time to grab a fast meal; Paleo On The Go has made it possible for people to truly achieve the best of both worlds through their home delivery of premade healthy food., the nation’s leading pre-made gourmet food kitchen and delivery service; now is offering over 115 different pre-made gourmet paleo entrees, side dishes and snacks at reasonable prices, ready to ship today. The meals are complete, well balanced, delicious and ready to eat in minutes.
Dr. OZ showed the incredible health benefits of the Paleo diet. Paleo meals offered by Paleo on the Go encompass what people love most about instant meals along with the nutrition that can only be found in food items that are not processed with chemicals, preservatives, and additives. Paleo on the Go provides meals that are cooked with the finest ingredients which are then conveniently frozen and packaged in a manner that allows you to take them with you to work or heat them quickly in the evening when you don’t feel like cooking. You can feel confident knowing that by choosing Paleo on the Go that you are able to have a quick meal without sacrificing the nutrients your body needs.
What entrees and snacks exclude: Soy, gluten, wheat, barley, rye, corn, sugar, preservatives, rice, dairy, white potatoes, legumes, vegetable oils, and flour.’s service is in most cases, the ideal solution for our clients with food sensitivities and chronic disease. Lori L. Roman, PharmaD and co-founder of FoodScript,LLC Promoting Food Sensitivity Awareness & Education.
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