Why is the Paleo Diet taking the world by storm?

The diet is the third most searched diet for 2015. Thousands of people worldwide have embraced the paleo diet to overcome a myriad of health issues. Additionally the focus of the paleo diet is on eating real food. No GMO’s, no chemicals or preservatives or any of the bad stuff added to processed foods.  In some cases a Paleo/AIP diet could be used to treat certain conditions.  In this video Chris Kresser discusses with Mind Body Green Television why the Paleo Diet isn’t one size fits all, but is a low cost, simple way to prevent and even reverse chronic inflammatory diseases and improve world health. 

The Paleo Diet basically prescribes to eating clean, real food. No processed foods full of chemical additives with names you cant pronounce. Some people get caught up in the name thinking that it literally means eating how cavemen ate. That is really not what the modern Paleo Diet is about, it’s about eating real, good for you food. Try it out, you will see how your body responds and how you will begin to feel better. All things considered, if you don’t have time to do a lot of cooking, at paleoonthego.com we have pre-made meals that can help you eat good clean real food and follow a Paleo/AIP lifestyle.