blonde woman pushupI am a huge proponent for the gym being an n = 1 case study for just about everything. What you do in that space establishes a platform for what you do outside of those doors. It teaches you how to succeed; it teaches you how to respond to adversity; but perhaps most importantly, it teaches you how to fail. It is absolutely crucial to find some area of your life in which you can fall on your butt in order to figure out exactly how you pick yourself back up again. In my case at least: welcome to the gym.

Now failing does not mean that you push yourself to the red-line every single workout or that you always try to on-up yourself leaving you with only binary options: success or failure. Instead, what it means is that you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, that you become comfortable taking chances, and that you know how to keep moving after one failed rep or even one epic fail of a workout. So you messed up? Big freaking deal. Take a moment. Assess the situation: are you still whole, functional, breathing. Debate if a momentary cry is necessary (sometimes it is.) But then what do you do? Usually you finish the freaking workout. Wouldn’t it be great if we were that good at rebounding in life. One mistake shouldn’t take you off of the board entirely. Use the gym. Use your strength and your poise in that space when things go less than ideal and build on that. Train the response to keep moving. Don’t just be an athlete inside those walls. Be one outside of them as well.

Whole Body Workout:

  • 9 min AMRAP
  • Building by 3s every round
  • 3 KB Swings
  • 3 Goblet Squats
  • 6 KB Swings
  • 6 Goblet Squats
  • 9 KB Swings
  • 9 Goblet Squats…

*In between every round of swings and squats: do 5 burpees.


Weight: This should be a weight that you feel VERY comfortable with both swinging an squatting. If 10 reps in a row feel rough, then consider going down in weight.
No KB: No problem. You can use a dumbbell, a small child (preferably your own…). If you nothing you can swing, then you can do weighted v-ups/sit-ups with something moderately heavy and most likely awkward.
As always, adjust this workout to fit YOUR goals and YOUR body, not someone else’s.

How to do a Burpee

how to do a burpeeBurpee 2

Burpee 3


 How to do a Goblet Squat

how to do a goblet squatshow to do a goblet squatshow to do a goblet squats

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