One of the biggest health trends that is sweeping the nation is getting cold – literally. Whether you’ve heard it from your neighbor, your favorite celebrity, or the The Real Housewives (really), the practice really picking up steam as a treatment for all sorts of conditions. Basketball superstar LeBron James swears by it for speedier recovery, as many athletes see it as the new ice bath. Others see it as a frozen fountain of youth, as far as skin-deep beauty is concerned.

But, could Full Body Cryrotherapy Actually Help Those With Autoimmune Issues?

Most users right now of this new therapy, which costs on average about $45 a session, are athletes and those looking stay young. But, what if it could affect the deep inflammation of autoimmune issues? We’ve actually talked before on this blog about the studied therapeutic benefits of of coldwater therapy. 

It’s all about inflammation.

One of the main issues with autoimmunity is inflammation and advocates of full body cryotherapy claim that it reduces it, so there could be something there.

There isn’t much research right now on Cryotherapy and autoimmunity, but there are many anecdotal stories about people using the therapy to help heal. Many report great results.

So, there certainly could be some hope for those with Autoimmune Illnesses regarding this practice. We have to wait for more studies before it’s more conclusive. But, do some research for yourself and see what you think. Talk to your doctor to see if they think it could be beneficial!