A number of people think they’re crazy about bacon, but take a look at this checklist to see if you’re REALLY a confirmed bacon lover! Keep a running tally of the numbers you answer “yes” to and measure your points with our POTG bacon meter!


1. Bacon Any Day, Any Time:

You leave no room for discrimination.  You will have bacon any day of the week, any time of day.  If you’re genuine about your love for bacon, you’ve eaten bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner,  making delicious bacon snacks along the way.

2. New Recipe?  Does it Have Bacon?

You get a new recipe and although the recipe doesn’t call for it, you find a way to add bacon.  It could be crumbled baconor just a quick saute for added bacon flavor.  


3. Take-Along Bacon:

You’ve taken the time to pre-make your bacon so you will have it as a take-along snack!  You put in a little zip lock bag and open and eat as you please.  Usually the bacon will not make it to your final destination.

4. Keeping it Classy:

You’re kind of a bacon snob.  There’s a particular brand of bacon you prefer and will buy over any other brand.  At parties you scrunch up your nose at any bacon choice less than yours, but will still eat it.  Not to mention, if someone else in your household buys a different kind, they get a mouthful or at least an eye roll.



5. Pig Business:

Anytime you see a pig, your first thought is bacon.  You don’t think Wilbur or about the memory of the time you had a pork roast with friends and family… just bacon.  

6. Bacon Times Two:

Believe in stacking?  If you wrap your bacon in bacon for twice the flavor and more of that salty taste we all know and love,  it’s a good way to know you’re crazy about bacon!  




7. Buying in Bulk:

Who buys bacon one pack at a time?  Not you!  You buy in bulk for savings because you know you’ll be eating it and believe it’s worth it to have extra, just in case!

8. Sweet and Salty:

You answer yes to trying bacon with something sweet.  Bacon and paleo blondies, bacon shavings on your paleo chocolate chip cookies or bacon wrapped Paleo Pancakes.


9. Dreaming of you Bacon:

At night as you lay your head to sleep and drift off into dream land, you dream about cooking, eating or someone taking your bacon.  If this is you, it’s because you really love bacon.  The thoughts of it’s amazing taste overrun your self-conscience and make you worry about bacon thieves.   



10. Celebrate with Bacon!

It’s the holidays and at least 3 of the dishes on your table include bacon.  The cooking includes  vegetables with traces of bacon, soup with bacon or chicken stuffed with bacon!


If you’ve said yes to more than half of these stipulations, then congratulations, it’s been confirmed… you are literally crazy about bacon, but tally up your scores and measure them up with our bacon meter below.  Getting hungry for some?  Order here.