After much deliberation and feedback from the community, we’ve compiled a list of 6 “must haves” for you to keep in your home. These staples represent the items that when you see them getting low in your fridge or pantry you think “ahhh I think I need to go grocery shopping.” 

Which are your go-to paleo essentials items?

1. Trays of 36 Carton Eggs

Quick, easy, good any time. paleo essentials


2. Multiple Family Size Packages of Chicken

The hardcore”ers” buy them, break them down, vacuum seal their portions, and toss them in the freezer. 
paleo essentials

3. A Head of Cauliflower

 Great for that “I would love some rice with this” craving.
paleo essentials

4. Industrial Container of Coconut oil

 The cooking oil of the gods!
paleo essentials

5. Giant bag of greens

 Or if you are super cool a garden at the house! :-p
paleo essentials

6. A dozen Sweet Potatoes

 Just a great additive to pretty much everything! 
paleo essentials
Or if you are super hardcore and busy you just have a freezer full of Paleo on the Go meals. :-p
Obviously we do not recommend a diet solely comprised of these 6 ingredients, but if you are just getting into the paleo lifestyle these are usually the 6 easiest to lean on. 
What is the item(s) that once you are getting low (or run out of for you procrastinators) that sets off the rush to fill up the fridge?