Hello All!

While at Paleo f(x) last month, we heard from a ton of amazing speakers on a variety of topics – there was so much information shared we can’t even remember it all!

We wanted to share some highlights from some of our favorite speakers, in case you couldn’t attend or forgot to take notes. We have four speakers to highlight, and there will be a Part Two blog post next week.

 Michael RoessleinLiving in a Toxic World:  Reduce Toxic Exposure & Optimize Natural Detoxification

Michael is a natural educator. He holds his Bachelor’s in Education, a Master’s in Exercise Science, and is a certified FDN Practitioner and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach. His speech was a major highlight – folks were waiting for over an hour to speak to him afterward – and it was worth the wait!

A brief recap of his discussion:

  • The Chemical Industry is a $650 billion dollar empire – currently responsible for dumping 7 billion pounds of chemicals in to the air and water each year.       
  • Additional common sources of toxicity are around you daily in your home and at work.  Why is this a big deal? This is a root cause of a host of diseases and chronic health problems – everything from asthma and obesity, to triggering autoimmune disease. This includes personal care products, food, cleaning products, plastics, metals, and more.
  •  Tap Water is a major source of toxicity – a 2011 study found hormones, DEET, BPA, Chlorine and other chemicals in Major municipal tap water.

For more on Michael, and to catch up with what he’s doing now, visit him online: WWW.NATURALEVO.COM

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 You can also register for a follow up to his Paleo f(x) presentation here: WWW.PRIMALWEBINARS.COM

Ute Mitchell – GROK(ette) in the ICU: Surviving Modern Medicine Like a Cave (Wo)Man.

 Ute is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with her own practice in Portland, Oregon, in addition to being an accomplished writer and blogger. Her presentation struck a chord with anyone who has struggled with a necessary hospitalization (most of us), and want to know how to have an optimal experience in the future should one become necessary.

 Key points included:

  • Always remain calm and prepared when planning your hospital stay. Ask plenty of questions!
  • Bone Broth and lots of it! Often surgery or other procedures include a host of medications including antibiotics. Protect your gut.
  •  Interview hospital staff, and have an advocate with you as much as possible – someone who can answer questions and provide direction as to what YOUR wishes are. You’re going to be sleepy, sedated, or in surgery.

After Ute’s hospital stay, she was back to her old self in no time – including CrossFit just seven weeks later!

If you or a loved one face surgery and a hospital stay, download Ute’s free 21 page guide to help you prepare in the best way possible. The guide includes a list of questions for your surgeon, tips, tricks, advice, and checklists. HTTP://REALFOOD4.ME/DOWNLOADS.HTML