Do you crave Chinese take-out? I sure do, I love the flavors and all the vegetables. Sometimes it is difficult to drive past the fast food place named after a certain bear, that place is a guilty pleasure of mine. Unfortunately, it might not be the best choice if you are on a restricted diet.

What exactly is ‘Lo Mein’?

Traditionally “Lo Mein” refers to a soft wheat noodle, but for this recipe we are using gluten-free sweet potato starch noodles. This recipe calls for shrimp but you can use whatever meat you prefer. If using shrimp, be sure not to overcook it; you want to cook them just past being translucent for them to be juicy and tender. Many people have a tendency to overcook shrimp until the flesh is bright white. Doing this the shrimp tends to dry out and get tough, and tough shrimp just isn’t that good. Change up your cooking routine and try our Paleo Shrimp Lo Mein!

Paleo Take Out – Shrimp Lo Mein

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