independence day thank you

The weeks around 4th of July are typically some of the busiest for road travel. We are so excited for our annual 12 hour road trip from Georgia to Northern Illinois and we are checking things off this list to ensure we have a safe and fun time even if things don’t go quite as planned!

  • Prepare your car:

    • Plan in advance to complete any routine maintenance that may need to be performed on your car such as:
      • Tire rotation
      • Oil and oil filter change
      • Brakes
      • Windshield Wipers
      • Topping off any fluids
      • Replacing any interior or exterior light bulbs (trust us on this one, the cops are already out and looking…we just got an official warning about our middle break light being out!!)
  • Drive smart! 

    • Plan your route in advance, map out any stops along the way if you’re into sight-seeing, and use app to find the hotels nearest you with immediate availability if you decide you need to stop to catch some zzzz’s.  Don’t try to drive if you are feeling so tired you can barely keep your eyes open.  There are plenty of cheap but decent hotels along most major highways where you can get at least a few hours of rest, and many are pet-friendly as well.  And of course, don’t ever text and drive or use apps to search while driving.
    • Use hands-free devices, get a bluetooth for any necessary phone calls you may need to take or make, and update your GPS so you’ve got the latest maps at your fingertips
    • Take cash/change for tolls (or use your GPS to help you avoid tolls altogether)!!  Don’t make the mistake we did last year and miss any tolls.  Most states are SERIOUS about their tolls and collecting if you miss any.  Take it from us that they will send you a letter with a picture of your vehicle violating the toll and they will usually tack on pretty hefty fines…you don’t want to end up paying $50 for an 0.80 cent toll…just sayin’…  
    • Use the GasBuddy app to save a TON on gas!  It’s a well-known fact that gas prices JUMP during high-travel weekends so use GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas nearest you.  It’s easy to use and works great.
  • Fuel up!

    • Not just your car but plan to bring some snacks and drinks that can give you energy and not leave you having a sugar crash along the way.  It can be tempting to just seek out whatever might be healthy or even throw the diet out the window on vacation but you’ll thank yourself later when you are feeling good and not drained from the treats you splurged on.
      • Bring a cooler for drinks…buying bottled waters frequently along your route can really add up.  Pack some sparkling waters, or regular purified water, coconut water, or your own freshly juiced fruits or veggies for a quick pick me up without having to spend a ton of extra cash.
      • Protein-packed snacks to keep your hunger at bay and your energy up such as Epic bars, Exo bars, or our POTG bars in either coconut or pecan.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a great and safe time!  As always, leave the fireworks to the pros…it’s more fun to sit back and enjoy the show anyway.

No matter what your plans are for this fun holiday weekend we hope you have a great time celebrating the freedom that we are able to enjoy and remember the ones who have and who are still sacrificing to provide that freedom to us.  We thank you, all who have served!

fireworks display