Breakfast is probably my favorite meal. I especially love going out to eat breakfast. Years ago i had a group of friends that met every Saturday for breakfast. We alternated choosing where we would all meet. They had to be interesting, funky whole in the wall places. Good times. Although breakfast is relatively easy to eat out while on the AIP, but if you like to stay home for breakfast we have some great AIP options for your here!

Amazing Grain-Free Oatmeal Four Ways (AIP)

Chef Ann was truly inspired when she came up with this recipe for a grain free oatmeal. Who knew plantains could do this? Chef Ann did, thats who! I think the favorite prep here was the bananas foster, but they were all delicious.

Get your “oatmeal” on!


spicedInstant Pot Spiced Breakfast Porridge (AIP)

Ok, this is a crazy good recipe you need to try asap! The flavor is amazing, you would never guess that it has butternut squash in it, except for the color. I like to toast the coconut for the topping because it adds another layer of flavor. This is making my mouth water.

Try this at home!

The Great Big Sunday Morning AIP Breakfast

If you are having family over and you have to serve everyone breakfast, this is an option for you! Everyone will enjoy the hash browns, the sausage, the hash and the pancakes. For those who aren’t AIP, you can add in some eggs if you want. But honestly this is a big breakfast that everyone will enjoy.

I need a big hearty breakfast!

aip paleo breakfast hash

Savory Breakfast Hash

aip paleo steak onion confit

Bison Salisbury Steak and Onion Confit Cauliflower Mash

aip paleo bacon apple chicken burger

Bacon Apple Chicken Burger with Maple Cranberry Sauce

aip paleo moo shu pork taco kit

Moo Shu Pork Taco Kit