It’s football season! How can you stick with your paleo lifestyle, yet still enjoy a fun tailgate? How does one resist the temptations for tailgating foods-such as beer, chips, dips (like salsa and queso), grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and your lavish grilled chicken and/or ribs? How can we make more paleo friendly choices? Let’s dig in!

Tailgating Paleo-Style


summer lime cocktail

Beer is usually the drink of choice at tailgate parties. Beer tends to be less expensive, and can serve a number of people. What are some better drink options that don’t have gluten in them? The night before you head out for your tailgate whip up a batch or two of our SUMMER LIME COCKTAIL. Pour the mixture into small plastic cups and freeze them! Throw them in the cooler and you’ll have frozen cocktails to enjoy. Another option would be hard cider. hard cider is gluten free, and makes for a great alternative to beer. Look for lower sugar options, as some brands are very low in sugar, where others are very high.

kale chips


Nothing beats gearing up for the big game like snacks and dip. Pre-made sugar-free bacon with guacamole dip is a great option. Fresh veggies are also a great option, as they are easy to find and inexpensive. Pair whatever veggies you choose with our amazing PALEO HUMMUS.  It’s refreshing and will keep well during the tailgate.  If you’re still wanting something like chips, why not bake up some delicious sweet potato or kale chips before the big game?  We also have some great pre-made paleo snacks. Try our REAL-FOOD DELIVERY  and save a few steps the night before the game.

football tailgate grilling pork chops


Grass-fed meats, wild seafood, and pasture raised poultry are all great paleo approved grilling options! Just be sure the MARINADES you are using are gluten and soy free. Meat and vegetable kabobs are another great option. Combine some delicious steak, chicken and bacon with onions, peppers and sweet potato. This makes for the perfect mix of sweet and salty.  If you’re following an autoimmune protocol, pair your meat with root veggies and try different herbs such as rosemary or basil.


Maybe you are not the one entertaining guests for the tailgate. If this is the case,  pack some PALEO SNACKS,, or consider bringing a paleo-friendly dish to share with your friends.  Friends always love when you contribute to the party.

Football season is upon us. There’s no reason to let your concerns about living a paleo lifestyle interfere with your enjoyment of the events leading up to the big game! Just be prepared, and bring the fun!  In the meantime, shed some light on this awesome lifestyle! Your friends will be thanking you for all the delicious food.