When you think of gelatin, most people associate it with colorful jello desserts. These processed desserts are filled with either sugar or sugar substitutes, food dye, and chemical stabilizers. Therefore, this form of jello is not healthy to have in the diet, and can cause more harm than good. However, there is a form of gelatin that is great to consume, and widely used throughout the ancestral health community!

grass fed beef gelatin

What exactly is this healthy gelatin, and what are some of the benefits people can reap from using it?

Gelatin is a dehydrated collagen powder derived from animal bones and cartilage. Collagen makes up almost a third of all the protein in the human body. It is a big, fibrous molecule that makes skin, bones, and tendons both strong and somewhat elastic. It contains amino acids that aid with muscle recovery, mood, hair, skin and nails. It is also great for anti-aging, anti-cellulite, and for recovering from injuries.

Most protein powders are processed at high temperatures, and contain large amounts of free glutamic acid, which reacts in the body much like MSG. The form of gelatin that we recommend consuming is a grass-fed gelatin, free of additives. It is minimally processed and flavorless, unlike other protein powders.

According to THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION, two proteins that compose gelatin and support skin health are proline and glycine. These two proteins are critical for building healthy cartilage, as well as for detoxification. Proline has been recommended as a supplement that might benefit people interested in soft, non-sagging “youthful” skin. Glycine is anti-inflammatory, and can aid in wound healing and recovery. Glycine has also been known to help with sleep issues. Both nutrients are great for joint health, and can help improve digestion as well.

Many Traditional cultures regularly consumed bone broth, which contains large amounts of gelatin and minerals. They consumed broths with many of their meals. This is the most nutrient dense way to get quality gelatin in the diet. Realistically, we no longer consume these broths with all our meals, and therefore could benefit from regularly consuming grass-fed gelatin.

We at Paleo On the Go believe that even snacks should be made with real food and real ingredients. Some paleo snacks still contain large amounts of sugar, and are low in nutrient density. The POTG team has worked hard to create our very own amazing paleo “cheese”, made purely of beneficial grass-fed gelatin, vegetables, and spices, and can be used as a cheese substitute in many of your favorite recipes!  

Be sure to include bone broth in your diet whenever possible, add GELATIN to your coffee or tea in the morning, and try our awesome healthy paleo cheese in some of your favorite recipes! Let us know your favorite way to get gelatin in your diet in the comments below!


P.S. many of our products contain high-quality gelatin including our famous Paleo-Tarts, Straight From The Farm Cheddar, and our Strawberry Vanilla Cake.