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Why you should try our Paleo Chicken Liver Pâté

So, for most people pâté isn’t a normal “go to” dish for a family dinner. So, why has Paleo on the Go decided to add this dish to the menu? I mean, outside of the fact that it’s totally unique and a meal that’s not offered just anywhere, we actually put a lot of thought behind offering pâté to our customers. Here’s the top 5 reasons you have to try our new Bacon Wrapped Country Style Pâté.
  1. Awesome health benefits!
    We use chicken livers to make our pâté which are high in protein and house a rich store of folate! Livers are also loaded with iron (for energy) and certain B vitamins, most notably B12. Love your eyes? Chicken livers are also one of the top sources of vitamin A, which helps eye health!
  2. It’s delicious!
    At Paleo on the Go, we are definitely believers that bacon makes things awesome! Our pâté is wrapped in Pederson’s Natural Farms delicious, sugar-free, smokey bacon. Not to mention we season our pâté with onion, garlic and fresh thyme. We also use an amazing cognac for flavoring! Paired with a delicious dijon mustard it’s sure to leave your taste buds craving more.
  3. This dish has history!
    Pâté dates as far back as the middle ages! It’s believed to have originated in Rome even though it’s said to be a French dish. Chefs used to make different versions of the dish and dedicate it to famous nobles. For instance, Pâté a la Mazarine was named specifically for the French Cardinal Mazarine.
  4. It’s got class!
    Pâté was once known as a fancy dish that only the nobles took part in eating. Originally, it was used as a paste that aristocrats used to spread on bread. Many people still use pâté as a spread today. The version we’ve created most commonly known as Pâté de Campagné but we’re calling it our Country Style Bacon Wrapped Pate, is more than just a spread. It’s six ounces of an amazing, delicious protein packed meal. Not to mention, we’re selling it at a price that you don’t have to be a noble to afford.
  5. It’s something new!
    Although many people have heard of pâté before, since it’s not readily available and offered everywhere a number of people haven’t ever tried it. This is one of the reasons we wanted to be sure you could experience this dish through us! Want something to compare pâté to? Meatloaf has been said to be Pâté’s cousin. The concepts between the two and the way they are prepared are somewhat similar. However, the ingredients are different. Is it fair to say if you like meatloaf you’ll like pâté? Well, not necessarily since it’s two different types of meat and most meatloafs are made with beef opposed to chicken. However, you can order both from POTG and make your own comparison!

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